Regenerative Metrics: An Oxymoron or a Missed Opportunity?

Principles for place-based regenerative metrics

  • Source metrics from the living place where you are working.
  • Measure value adding processes at the largest manageable system that you plan to effect (manageable is a key idea here — it’s big enough to matter and to inspire, small enough to make a real difference).
  • Keystone species are often a powerful place to work on for place-based regenerative metrics.
  • Take stock of unintended consequences over time, evolving and adapting metrics and actions based on lived observation and structured reflection.
  • Regenerative metrics are those that build the resources, capability, and will to continue evolving over time.

Regenerating across five capitals

A Case Story

  1. Regenerative metrics are sourced from place — they are not generic,
  2. They are big enough to matter (i.e. they demand working across capitals and across all kinds of boundaries)and small enough to manage, and
  3. They are simple enough to understand, yet powerful enough to engage and energize the entire community.

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Josie Plaut

Josie Plaut

Regenerative development; facilitation; founding developer of the LENSES Framework